Rest and relaxation. The buzzwords that always feel relevant. But do you really know what those words mean for yourself? Maybe you do…but to those of us who are still figuring it out, here’s some thoughts and tips that have helped us. 

It’s no shocker but rest is so much more than 8 hours of sleep every night. While sleep is definitely a huge factor to feeling rested, and the more sleep you can get, often the better, there are parts of yourself beyond your physical body that need rest as well.

Mind and Heart Rest

Ever have days where your mind will not settle and you can’t let go of things, no matter how insignificant? That’s one of many signs that you need to put effort into giving your mind and heart rest. This could look like scheduling time with a friend that knows how you think and understands your feelings, making sure you have an upcoming appointment with your therapist or scheduling one for the first time, or putting away technology for an evening to ground yourself in your body with journaling, reading, art, or anything that doesn’t occupy more headspace. 

Social Rest

And, for both introverts and extroverts, social rest can have a significant impact on energy levels. Whether this means scheduling a night of solitude once a month (or even once a week) or planning time with people who refresh your soul, learning what is a peaceful and recouping environment for you is so important to refreshing and maintaining your capacity. 

Discovering what rest means to you will always be ongoing. What you need changes season to season, year to year. Being in tune with your heart, mind, and body to know what you need to be your happiest, healthiest self is a priceless gift.