What if this Valentine's Day was more than the obligatory sweets and flowers? Even though we love those things, what if this Valentine's Day you paused and reflected on those who you hold most dear and why? Sometimes ex-plaining I love you, means more than I love you.

Take some time before Valentine’s Day to think about why you love your person. And, your person can be anyone; your dearest friend, your closest family member, or your partner. Answer all or some of the questions below to connect your mind with your heart as you process what you really want to say in your Valentine cards this year. 

A journaling process to identify how you feel about someone and learn why. 

- List characteristics about this person that stand out to you.
- Picture yourself in a room with this person. What feelings do you have?
- How has this person impacted your life this past year?
- What is something you have learned from this person?
- What role(s) do you feel this person plays in your daily life?