What is December without traditions? The things you do, just because. The activities that have years of memories attached. The events that you anticipate but also maybe have an unnecessary amount of expectation and stress (we get it, us too). No matter how simple they may be, traditions are personal and a part of the bigger story. Embrace the ones you have done for years and stay open minded to what could be the start of a tradition this year. 

Here’s a peak at the traditions we have here at Cheeky. 

Every year I like to make an event out of wrapping gifts. I love finding the perfect wrapping paper, gift tags, and ribbon. We take an evening where we make hot chocolate, watch a Christmas movie, and wrap all of the gifts. And, of course, I even wrap my own. Spencer just seals them up in a box first so I can’t peek! Giving gifts is my favorite part of the holidays and it feels extra special to make it a little event and take my time with each gift.


My wife and I pick out an ornament at the beginning of the holiday season. While we love that it is a great excuse to build up our ornament collection, it has become a cool way to represent the past year with something we will keep for all our Christmases to come.


Every Christmas Eve our family gets together to make Krumkake, which is a Scandinavian waffle cookie, for dessert and Arroz Con Pollo, which is a traditional Latin American dish, for dinner. It's an evening for our immediate family to celebrate our cultures and enjoy time spent together. Having a blended family we're able to bring together our walks of life; a couple scandi gals with a latin dad.


My collection of Christmas jammies is never-ending. As a kid, my mom always gave us a present nightcap on Christmas Eve of holiday pjs. Recently it hit me, getting holiday pjs on the night before the season ends doesn’t quite make much sense, but, I have decided it doesn’t need to make sense. My husband has now taken over for my mom to keep the pj tradition going.