It’s hard to imagine that it was just us who were told “don’t drink your calories” when we were young and led us to believe that the only “healthy” and “okay” thing to drink was water. We are working to put an end to that lie because the truth is that there are SO many benefits in so many different kinds of drinks. Here are the ones we are loving.


In addition to taking the instagram coffee shop vibes by storm, matcha is one powerful tea. It is dense with antioxidants which equip your body to fight against unhealthy cells that could lead to sickness and disease. And, although it is caffeinated, it brings ease to your headspace and enhances clarity and focus. You could say that it is the perfect 2pm afternoon pick up. 


We’re talking shrooms now ;) Lion’s mane is a mushroom used in traditional Chinese Medicine and has become a common dietary supplement to add to daily coffee and tea. Lion’s Mane is known for cognitive support in its ability to increase focus and clarity. It is able to aid in the fight against dementia as it holds compounds that help stimulate the growth of brain cells. Lion’s mane also functions as a mood support and can help improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. 


Ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric, name a better flavor combo. Golden milk is anti-inflammatory and aids in digestion. You can even drink it when you feel a little congestion coming on to ward off the common cold. 


You know the feeling, you are heading to the kitchen to pour your first cup of coffee and you’re already thinking about where you might find your favorite mug. If you already have your go-to mug, it’s time to add another or if you don’t yet relate to this experience, it’s time to find the perfect mug that just feels like you.


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