The new year often holds different meaning year to year, person to person. Maybe you have goals for a fresh start or maybe you have intentions for healing from the past. Either way, pausing to take a mindful look at what you have experienced, felt, and overcome is an empowering way to begin, no matter what a new beginning looks like for you. 

Take a moment to pause and reflect. Engage in these questions with someone close to you or leave them for you and a pen and paper. Give yourself the freedom to let them lead you wherever is most natural and comfortable for you. 

- Think through the past 12 months, pinpoint the circumstances that brought change to your everyday life or your relationships. Reflect on the impact of that change.
- Where/how did you experience vulnerability? Describe the circumstance or relationship and the feelings you felt.
- Describe the biggest challenge you faced? Maybe it was more explicit and short-lived, maybe it was more intangible and lingered for a while (or still).
- Think back to a moment of immense joy. Describe the memory.
- What relationship in your life impacted you the most? Why do you think that is?
- What are you most proud of yourself for?